The Secret Life of Earwax: See What it Says About Your Health

The Secret Life of Earwax and & Its Parameters for Health
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Earwax may sound like a weird topic, but it’s pretty cool! Like any other secret agent, earwax also lives a twin life; in one place, it helps to keep our eardrums safe and healthy. But on the other hand, it also gives us indications of what is going on with our ears. So, take your torch and reading glasses out! We are going to explore the secret life of the earwax drafted by some of the best experts of earwax removal in London

Earwax & Its Parameters for Health 

First things first, earwax is a waxy substance that’s naturally produced in our ear canals. Its technical name is cerumen (we know, it sounds like a Harry Potter spell!). Earwax is made up of dead skin cells, hair, and secretions from glands in our ears.

So, what is the purpose of earwax? Well, it has a few different jobs. First of all, it helps to lubricate our ear canals, which keeps them from feeling dry and itchy. Earwax also traps dirt, dust, and other particles that might try to make their way into our ears. And most importantly, it helps to protect our ears from infection by creating a barrier that keeps bacteria and other harmful things out.

Now, you might be wondering how earwax is actually produced. It’s a pretty cool process, actually! Glands in our ears produce a substance that’s kind of like olive oil. This substance mixes with dead skin cells and hair, and together they form earwax. Our ears are also self-cleaning, so as old earwax moves out of our ear canals, new earwax takes its place. Earwax comes in different types, colours, and smells (yes, smells!). So, let’s take the article further and learn all about ear wax! 

Types of Earwax

Dry earwax is like a little crumbly rock in your ear, and it’s most common in people from East Asia. Wet earwax is super sticky and slimy, and it’s often found in people of African and European descent. Flaky earwax is like a combination of dry and wet earwax; it can sometimes look like tiny flakes or peeling skin. And last but not least, sticky earwax is the stickiest of them all! It’s like glue in your ear, but don’t worry; it’s there to keep your ears clean and healthy. 

Now, here’s the fun part: Did you know that earwax can tell us a lot about our health? Yep, it’s true! If you have too much earwax or it smells bad, it might be time to visit a specialist of earwax removal in London. But if your earwax is just doing its job and keeping your ears safe and clean, then you’re good to go!

Colour Variations of Earwax 

  1. Yellow earwax is the most common colour, and it usually means that everything is A-Okay! It’s like a little yellow friend in your ear, making sure everything is running smoothly.
  2. Brown earwax might look a little scary but don’t worry; it’s usually just a sign that your earwax is getting old and needs to be cleaned out. Think of it like a little brown reminder that it’s time to clean your ears!
  3. Black earwax might seem like the scariest colour of them all, but it’s actually not that uncommon. It’s usually just a sign that your earwax is extra old or has a lot of dirt in it. It’s like a little black knight protecting your ears!
  4. White earwax is the rarest colour, but it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s usually a sign that your earwax is doing an extra good job of cleaning your ears. It’s like a little white superhero keeping your ears healthy!

Types of Earwax Texture 

Soft earwax is like a fluffy cloud in your ear, easy to clean and usually light-coloured. Hard earwax is like a little rock in your ear, darker in colour and a little trickier to remove. Flaky earwax is like tiny little bits of dry skin in your ear, and it can mean that you’re not producing enough earwax.

Note: Sometimes, earwax can get stuck in your ear and cause problems. This is called impacted earwax, and it can make it hard to hear, cause ear pain, and even make you dizzy! Yikes! If you think you might have impacted earwax, don’t try to remove it yourself. Instead, go to a specialist of ear wax removal at Harley Street.

Different Types of Smell Earwax Produce

Just like it comes in different textures, earwax can also produce different types of smells! It’s like our ears are hosting a funky little smell party. Let’s explore what these smells can tell us.

First, there’s the “normal” earwax smell, which is slightly sweet or musty. It’s the smell of hard work keeping your ears clean and healthy!

Next, we have the “strong” or “sour” earwax smell. This might be a sign that you’ve been sweating more than usual, like after a long day of playing soccer or running around with your friends. It’s kind of like your earwax is saying, “Phew! We’ve been working hard today!”

Lastly, there’s the “unpleasant” or “bad” earwax smell. This can be a sign indicating something is not quite right in your ear, like an infection or a buildup of too much earwax. 


The secret life of earwax is quite fascinating! This waxy superhero has been working hard behind the scenes to keep our ears clean, healthy, and protected. Remember, earwax comes in different types, colours, textures, and even smells, and it can give us clues about our overall ear health. So, the next time you think about earwax, don’t be grossed out; instead, appreciate its undercover mission to keep your ears in tip-top shape! Keep listening to your earwax, and it’ll keep listening to you!

If you find anything bothersome in your ear, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our specialist from our website. Our earwax removal London specialist will take care of everything without giving you an earful! 

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